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Two different types of genealogical information found on this site.

Stan kept his information in an old dos genealogy program called Family Roots and used features of it that did not convert well to a more modern program. For instance, there are many "non-standard" dates. On the ahnentafels, you will find death dates like "WP 07 Dec 1648" which actually is a Will Probate date. Another date might be ca 153x which imported as circa 0153 which is obviously not correct. So, for now, dates on the Ahnentafel links are fine, but there is a long term project underway to fix the dates in The Master Genealogist program. In many cases, you can probably figure out what the correct dates are supposed to be.

In both types of data, you will find sources with cryptic notations. Those will also get added as time passes, but meanwhile, for most of them you can find out what they stand for by checking the Sources links.

Narratives were started.

Stan also started writing narratives for some of the ancestral lines. These narratives are attached to pertinant people in the Genealogy section but not in the Ahnentafel section. As example, go to the genealogy link and click on Surname Index, and look up George Abbott. You will see a book icon next to his name to indicate that he has a narrative. Click on his name and you will see the link that takes you to the narrative.

As Stan was working on the narratives when he died, you will find no narratives for surnames past Gorham, though there are a couple linked to some people who married into families.