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Documentation - Place Histories
Place History Number Place Title Author Date of Publication
PH1 Milford,Ct Fam of Early Milford,Ct JL Ricker/SW Abbott 1979
PH2 Yorkshire Yorkshire Pedigrees Joseph Foster 1874
PH3 England Some Early English Pedigrees Vernon M Norr 1968
PH4 Watertown,Ma Early Settlers of Watertown Henry Bond 1968
PH5 American Index to American Lineages
PH6 Grt Barrington,Ma Hist of Great Barrington,Ma
PH7 New England New England Marriages prior 1700 Clarence A Torry 1985
PH8 Eastern Mass. Old Families of Eastern Mass J H Beers 1912
PH9 New England Gen Notes-Founding of New England Ernest Flagg 1973
PH10 Scotland Scots Peerages Sir James Balfour Paul 1964
PH11 England Pedigrees of English Peers Sir William Segar
PH12 England Dormant & Extinct Baronages T C Banks 1807
PH13 Maine/New Hampshre Gen Dictionary:Maine&New Hampshire Sybil Noyes et al 1988
PH14 Rowley,Ma Early Settlers of Rowley,Ma G B Blodgette 1933
PH15 Windsor,Ct History of Ancient Windsor,Ct Henry R Stiles 1892
PH16 International International Genealogical Index LDS-Salt Lake City-On Going
PH17 New England Gen Dictionary-1st NE Settlers James Savage 1965
PH18 England History of the Commoners John Burke 1977
PH19 Salis/Amesbury,Ma Old Families-Salisbury/Amesbury,Ma D Hoyt 1897
PH20 Hartford,Ct Hartford Families L B Barbour 1977
PH21 United States Colonial Families of United States
PH22 Scituate,Ma History of Scituate,Ma Samuel Deane 1831
PH23 Nottinghamshire Visitation of Nottinghamshire
PH24 Wethersfield,Ct History of Ancient Weathersfield,Ct Henry Stiles 1904
PH25 Windham,Ct Biography Record of Windham,Ct
PH26 Fairfield,Ct Hist/Gen-Old Fam of Fairfield,Ct Donald Linus Jacobus 1976
PH27 New Hampshire Gen&Fam History of New Hampshire Ezra S Stearns 1908
PH28 American Genealogy of American Families Cheshire/Neale
PH29 New England 26 Migration Colonists to NE John B Threlfall 1993
PH30 Cape Cod,Ma Library of Cape Cod G W Swift 1913
PH31 Stratford,Ct History of Stratford,Ct Rev Samual Orcutt
PH32 Woodbury,Ct History of Ancient Woodbury,Ct Wm Cothern 1854
PH33 Woburn,Ma History of Woburn,Ma S Sewall 1868
PH34 England Baronets of England Dugdale
PH35 England Sussex Archaelogical Collections Wm Durham Cooper 1856
PH36 Massachusetts Gen/Fam of Boston&Eastern Mass. Wm Richard Cutter 1908
PH37 Barnstable,Ma Gen Notes-Barnstable Families Amis Otis 1979
PH38 Boston,Ma Boston Marriages 1700-1751 Boston Records Comm 1898
PH39 Cambridge,Ma History of Cambridge,Ma Lucius R Paige 1877
PH40 Charlestown,Ma Gen&Estates of Charlestown,Ma Thomas B Wyman 1877
PH41 United States Colonial Families of USA G N Mackenzies 1907
PH42 Connecticut 1st Puritan Settlers of Connecticut R R Hinman 1968
PH43 Connecticut Gen&Fam Hist Connecticut-Multi Vol Wm R Cutter et al 1911
PH44 Mass/Conn Fam Hist-Some 1st Settlers Nathaniel Goodwin 1969
PH45 Connecticut Gen of Connecticut Fam-Multi Vol Gary Boyd Roberts 1983
PH46 Springfield,Ma 1st Century Hist-Springfield,Ma Henry M Burt 1899
PH47 Southington,Ct Sketches of Southington,Ct Rev H R Timlow 1875
PH48 Hudson/Mohawk,NY Hudson/Mohawk Valley,NY Gens Cuyler Reynolds 1911
PH49 Hingham,Ma Hist-Town of Hingham,Ma(3 Vols) Geo Lincoln(Reprint) 1982
PH50 New England Topo Dict Eng Emmigrants to NE Charles E Banks 1939
PH51 New England Gen Dict-1st Settlers to NE John Farmer 1979
PH52 Stamford,Ct History of Stamford,Ct Rev E B Huntington 1868
PH53 Stratford,Ct History of Stratford,Ct Wm H Wilcoxson 1939
PH54 New Britian,Ct History of New Britian,Ct David Camp 1889
PH55 Hartford Cty,Ct Commen Bio-Hartford Cty,Ct J H Beers & Co 1901
PH56 Hartford,Ct Families of Early Hartford,Ct Lucius B Barbour 1977
PH57 Simsbury,Ct Recod/Doc Hist-Simsbury,Ct Lucius B Barbour 1931
PH58 Wethersfield,Ct Hist of Wethersfield,Ct(2 Vols) Henry R Stiles(Reprint) 1989
PH59 Windsor,Ct History of Ancient Windsor,Ct-Vol 1 Henry R Stiles 1891
PH60 Windsor,Ct Gen of Ancient Windsor,Ct-Vol 2 Henry R Stiles 1892
PH61 Litchfield,Ct Bio Review of Litchfield,Ct Bio Review Co(Boston) 1896
PH62 Cornwall,Ct Town of Cornwall,Ct Theodore S Gold 1904
PH63 Litchfield Cty,Ct Hist Litchfield Cty,Ct-2 Vols J W Lewis & Co 1887
PH64 Torrington,Ct Hist Torrington,Ct Rev Samual Orcutt 1878
PH65 Winchester,Ct Annals of Winchester,Ct John Boyd 1873
PH66 Cape Cod,Ma Hist Cape Cod-13 Towns BarnstableCty Fred Freeman 1862
PH67 Barnstable Cty,Ma History of Barnstable Cty,Ma Simeon L Deyo 1890
PH68 Rehoboth,Ma History of Rehoboth,Ma Rev George Tilton 1918
PH69 Taunton,Ma Hist Taunton,Ma-2 Vols Samuel H Emery 1893
PH70 Danvers,Ma Historical Collections-Danvers,Ma MA Historical Soc 1913/1944
PH71 Essex Cty,Ma Essex Antiquarian-Multi Vols Essex Cty Hist Soc 1897/1909
PH72 Ipswich,Ma History Ipswich,Ma-2 Vols Thomas F Waters
PH73 Rowley,Ma Early Settlers of Rowley,Ma G B Blodgette 1933
PH74 Deerfield,Ma History Deerfield,Ma-2 Vols George Sheldon 1896
PH75 Morris,Ct Morris/Litchfield Burying Grounds Payne 1905
PH76 Marshfield,Ma Marshfield,Ma 70 40' West Marshfield TerCent Comm 1940
PH77 New Haven,Ct Fam of Ancient New Haven(multi vol) Donald Linus Jacobus 1926+
PH78 Cape Cod,Ma Cape Cod Library-Local Hist/Gen Leonard H Smith 1992
PH79 Redding,Ct History of Redding,Ct C B Todd 1900
PH80 Guildford,Ct Families of Early Guildford,Ct Alvan Talcott 1984
PH81 Maine Maine Hist&Gen Recorder S M Watson 1885
PH82 Durham,NH Hist Durham(Oyster River),NH Stackpole/Merserve
PH83 Northern England Extinct Peerage-Northern England J W Clay
PH84 Sussex Cty,Eng Harlein Soc:Visitations of Sussex Harlein Society
PH85 Rutland Cty,Eng Visitations of Rutland Harlein Society
PH86 New Hamp/Maine Pioneers of Maine/New Hampshire Charles W Pope 1908
PH87 Maine Genealogy & Family Hist of Maine Geo Thomas Little 1909
PH88 Marshfield,MA History of Marshfield,Ma
PH89 Concord,MA History Town of Concord,Ma Lemuel Shattuck 1835
PH90 Exeter,NH History Town of Exeter,NH Charles S Bell 1888
PH91 Guildford,Ct History of Guildford,Ct Ralph D Smith 1877
PH92 Guildford/Madison Hist Guildford/Madison,Ct Bernard C Steiner 1897
PH93 Norwich, Ct History Norwich,Ct Ms F M Caukins 1845
PH94 Braintree,Ma Vital Records Braintree,Ma Samual A Bates 1896
PH95 Essex County,Ma Essex Cty Hist & Gen Record Independent Print Co 1890+
PH96 Kittery,Me Old Kittery & Her Families E S Stackpole 1903
PH97 Massachusetts Pioneers of Massachusetts Charles H Pope 1900
PH98 Wells,Maine Hist Wells & Kennebunk,Me Edward S Bourne 1875
PH99 Chester,NH History of Chester,NH Chase
PH100 Northamptonshire Visitations of Northamptonshire Walter C Metcalfe 1887
PH101 American American Families Richard Cutter
PH102 Rowley Early Settlers of Rowley-Revised Amos Edward Jewett 1933
PH103 Hartford,Ct Original Proprietors of Hartford
PH104 Southington,Ct Southington Genealogies
PH105 Rhode Island Gen Dictionary of Rhode Island Austin
PH106 Sherburne,NY Sherburne Centennial Celebration Marcus D Raymond 1893
PH107 Chenago County,NY History of Chenago/Madison Cty,NY James H Smith
PH108 Waterbury,Ct History of Waterbury,Ct
PH109 Marblehead,Ma Marblehead Sidney Perley
PH110 Essex Cty,Ma Essex Cty,Ma-Probate Index/Docs
PH111 Lincolnshire,Eng Lincolnshire Pedigrees Pgs480/481 Re Henage-Need Vol #s
PH112 New England Eng Ansc-Pilgrim Fathers-Reprint C E Banks 1980
PH113 Connecticut Connecticut Probate Records-
PH114 Suffolk Cty,Eng Visitations of Suffolk
PH115 Oneida Cty,NY Annals of Oneida Cty,NY
PH116 Martha'sVineyrd,Ma History-Martha'sVineyard:Multi Vol CE Banks 1925
PH117 Norwich,Ct Norwich,Ct Vital Records
PH118 Oneida Cty,NY Ephraim Jones Will/Probate MF Pomeroy Jones 1834
PH119 Berkshire Cty,Ma Grantor/Grantee Deeds:Berksh Cty LDS MF 872066 177x/183x
PH120 Rensselear Cty,NY Rensselear Cty,NY Will Extracts
PH121 Bristol Cty,Ma Bristol Cty,Ma Probate Records
PH122 Oneida Cty,NY Annals of Oneida Cty,NY Hon Pomeroy Jones
PH123 Oneida Cty,NY History of Oneida Cty,NY
PH124 Westmoreland,NY New Westmoreland Cemetery Records LDS MF 1435719-3
PH125 American Families Eng Ansc of Some American Families VC Sanborn 1894
PH126 Lynn,Ma Early History of Lynn,Ma Obadiah Oldpath
PH127 Lynn,Ma Lynn, Ma Vital Records
PH128 Suffield,Ma History of Suffield,Ma Hezekiah S Sheldon 1879
PH129 Missouri DAR Colonial Families of Missouri E J King 1958
PH130 Northampton,Ma History of Northampton,Ma
PH131 Stonington,Ct History-Town of Stonington,Ct Richard A Wheeler 1977
PH132 Seymour,Ct Seymour,Ct:Past & Present Rev Hollis A Campbell 1902
PH133 England Ped of English Peers-(5) Volumes Sir William Segar 182x
PH134 Nottinghamshire,Eg Visitation-Nottinghamshire Harleian Society V-4 1871
PH135 Litchfield,Ct Gen Register of Litchfield,Ct Geo W Woodruff 1845
PH136 Rutland Cty,Eg Visitations of Rutland Cty Harleian Society V-3 1870
PH137 Somerset Cty,Eg Visitations of Somerset Cty Harleian Society V-11 1876
PH138 Essex Cty,Eg Visitations of Essex Cty Harleian Society V-14 1879
PH139 Yorkshire Cty,Eg Visitations of Yorkshire Cty Harleian Society V-16 1881
PH140 Litchfield,Ct Honor Roll-Litchfield Cty-Rev War Josephine E Richards 1912
PH141 Massachusetts Fam of So East Massachusetts JH Beers & Co 1912
PH142 Marshfield,Ma Marshfield,Ma-Vital Records
PH143 Scituate,Ma Old Sciuate DAR 1921
PH144 Oneida Cty,NY Hist/Bio:Oneida Cty,NY Daniel E Wager 1896
PH145 United States Gen Abstracts-Rev War Pension Files Virgil D. White 1990
PH146 Bristol,Ct Bristol,Ct Probates
PH147 Bristol,Ct Hist of Bristol,Ct Hartford,Ct City Print 1907
PH148 Southington,Ct Southington Genealogies
PH149 Essex Cty,Eg Genealogies of Essex Cty,Eg William Berry
PH150 Essex Cty,Ma Essex Institute Historical Collects Essex Institute Variable
PH151 Fairfield,Ct History of Fairfield,Ct
PH152 Duxbury,Ma Hist/Gen of Duxbury,Ma
PH153 United States Prominent Families of USA Arthur M Burke
PH154 Massachusetts Genealogy Memoirs-Mass Families Wm Richard Cutter 1910
PH155 Concord,Ma Middlesex Cty Register/Vital Recrds Middlesex Cty Comm 1851
PH156 Pennsylvania Gen Society of Penn Publications Gen Soc Penn 1920
PH157 Kent,Eg Pedigrees of Kent Cty,Eg William Berry
PH158 Hampton,NH Hist-Town of Hampton,NH Jospeh Dow 1893
PH159 American American Ancestry John Munsell & Sons 1889
PH161 Rehoboth,Ma Vital Records of Rehoboth,Ma
PH162 Litchfield,Ct History of Town of Litchfield,Ct P.K.Kilbourne 1859
PH163 Newbury,Ma Newbury, Ma Vital Records
PH164 Hadley,Ma Original Hadley Settlers Grafton Magazine
PH165 Dover,NH Persons&Places in Old Dover,NH John Scales 1900
PH166 Braintree,Ma Town Records-Braintree,Ma Samuel A Bates 1886
PH167 Bridgewater,Ma Hist&Settlement of Bridgewater,Ma Nahom Mitchell 1897
PH168 Hadley,Ma History of Hadley,Ma Sylvestor Judd 1905
PH169 American Dictionary of American Biography Dumas Malone 1936
PH170 Dorchester,Ma The "Mary and John" Maude Pinney Kuhns
PH171 Dunstable,Ma Founders of Old Dunstable,Ma Ezra S Stearns 1911
PH172 Hollis,NH Early History og Hollis,NH
PH173 United States United States Census
PH174 Plymouth,Ma Gen Register of Plymouth Families Wm T Davis 1975
PH175 Kennebec Cty,Me Hist of Kennebec Cty, Maine H.Kingsbury/S.Deyo 1892
PH177 Wethersfield,Ct Gen&Bios of Ancient Wethersfield
PH178 New England Families of New England Wm Richard Cutter
PH179 New York NY Genealogy & Bio Record
PH180 Connecticut Connecticut Families
PH181 Litchfield,Me Centennial Hist of Litchfield,Me Kennebec Journal Print 1897
PH182 Weymouth,Ma
PH183 Sanborton,NH History of Sanborton,NH Rev M T Runnels 1881
PH184 Haverhill,Ma Haverhill,Ma Vital Records
PH185 Chester,Cheshire,Eg County Palentine&City Chester George Omerod 1882
PH186 New England NE Marriages-Prior1700:Supp.1&2 CA Torrey 1991
PH187 England Dormant & Extinct Peerages JB Burke 1883/1918
PH188 Oxford Cty,Eg Visitations of Oxfordshire Harleian Soc.V5
PH189 Leicesters Cty,Eg Visitations of Leicestershire Harleian Soc V2
PH190 England Gen&Hrldic Baronages-England:Unpub Gerald Paget 1966+/-
PH191 Suffolk,Ma Suffolk County-Wills/Probate Genealogy Publishing Co 1984
PH192 Nottingham Cty,Eg Nottingham Medieval Studies Antonia Gransden 1978
PH193 Anglo/Norman Anglo-Norman Studies Boydell Press 1976/1991
PH194 Anglo/Norman Anglo-Norman Studies #18(Redever) Boydell Press 1995
PH195 Hampshire Cty,Eg Hist Hampshire Cty&Isle of Wight U.London Hist Rsch:V1 1973
PH196 Devon Cty,Eg Visitations of County Devon Harleian Soc V  
PH212 Mass/Maine Massachusetts and Maine Families in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis Gary Boyd Roberts 1996