Thyra Blatand

M, #8270, b. circa 965, d. before 1100

Parent*King Harold Blaatland b. 911, d. 987
Parent*Queen Gunhild of Denmark b. c 925, d. b 1000
Thyra Blatand|b. c 965\nd. b 1100|p8270.htm|King Harold Blaatland|b. 911\nd. 987|p3823.htm|Queen Gunhild of Denmark|b. c 925\nd. b 1000|p3825.htm|King G. o. Denmark|b. c 885\nd. 935|p3861.htm|Queen T. o. Denmark|b. c 885\nd. b 1000|p3921.htm|||||||

FRnumber* Thyra Blatand was FRnumber; 8334. 
Source(s)* He MD4:V23:367. 
Birth*circa 965 He was born circa 965 at Denmark. 
Marriage*circa 985 He married Styrbiorn of Denmark, daughter of King Olaf III of Sweden and Edla of Vendelands, circa 985 at Denmark. 
Death*before 1100 Thyra Blatand died before 1100 at Denmark. 


Styrbiorn of Denmark b. c 975, d. b 1100

Last Edited14 Jul 1999
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