Count Gainfroi of Sens

M, #3085, b. circa 785, d. before 900

Parent*Duke Mainier of Austria b. c 765, d. bt 800 - 800
Parent*(--) Haudre b. c 765, d. b 900
Count Gainfroi of Sens|b. c 785\nd. b 900|p3085.htm|Duke Mainier of Austria|b. c 765\nd. bt 800 - 800|p3086.htm|(--) Haudre|b. c 765\nd. b 900|p3087.htm|||||||||||||

FRnumber* Count Gainfroi of Sens was FRnumber; 3121. 
Source(s)* He TAG:V28:23-25;MD6:240. 
Birth*circa 785 He was born circa 785 at Sens, Champagne, France. 
Marriage*circa 805 He married Theidlindis of Blois, daughter of Count Aubrey II of Blois, circa 805 at Sens, Champagne, France. 
Death*before 900 Count Gainfroi of Sens died before 900 at Sens, Champagne, France. 


Theidlindis of Blois b. c 775, d. b 900

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