Descendants of Thomas Goodale

Our Goodale ancestors of Salisbury, Ma. came from Downham, Norfolk, England. The family name Goodale is supposed, with probability, to be the nickname applied to the maker or seller of good ale, i.e., a bewer or tavern keeper. Our lineage commences with Thomas Goodale, the Elder who was born ca 153x and died prior to 03 October 1588, Both at Downham, Norfolk which is located in the far western end of the county and a few miles south of Kings Lynn. We know few specifics of his life. However Thomas , the Elder, had a brother, Richard, who made a will on 12 July 1587 which was proved 03 October which does provide a fair amount of information. Richard Goodale, a tallow chandler of Downham Market, first directed that he be buried in the churchyard of Downham and made misc bequeaths to the poor. He then made a bequest of forty shillings for each of four young men who were not yet twenty years of age, i.e., Robert Goodale, son of Thomas Goodale, the Elder, Richard Goodale, son of John Goodale, and Thomas and William Goodale, sons of Thomas Goodale, the Younger. To John Goodale, son of Thomas Goodale, the Elder, he left a messuage, bought from Richard Danbye, in Downham Market upon condition that he pay Richard Goodale the nine pounds bequeathed to him by John Goodale, his father. He named John Goodale, “my nephew”, his residuary legatee and executor. Witnesses: Fraunces Parlett, William Lyffen, William Parlett. From the above we find that Thomas Goodale, the Elder, had two brothers, i.e.. Richard and John; that Thomas Goodale, the Elder, had three sons, i.e., John, Robert, and Thomas, the Younger; finally, John Goodale, brother of Thomas, the Elder, had a son Richard and that Thomas, the Younger, had two sons, Thomas and William. The commonality of names does create some confusion.

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John Goodale, son of Thomas Goodale, the Elder, was born abour 1563 in Downham and was buried at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk on 07 July 1625. John married, on 21 September 1588 at Downham, Bridget Portler who bore him seven children and was buried at Downham on 24 November 1607. Her date of birth and ancestry is not known. John Goodale married, as his second wife and before 1610 at Downham, a young widow, Elizabeth (Parlett) Taylor who brought two Taylor children, Peter and Susan, and then bore John nine new Goodale children. The first name of her Taylor husband is not known and the two Taylor children were not baptized in Downham. The Portlers were a yeoman family from Stradsett, a parish two or three miles east of Downham. A review of a number of Portler contemporary wills do not make a connected pedigree as Bridgett Portler is not mentioned in these wills. The Parletts were also from Stradsett and in the process of raising from yeomanry to gentry. The Parletts were related to the Portlers as their ills will show but examination of nine of these wills fails to identify Elizabeth Parlett Taylor Goodale. There was a relationship between the Parletts and the Goodales as noted above with Fraunces and William Parlett being witnesses of Richard Goodale’s will. As such the date of birth and ancestry of Elizabeth Parlett is unknown.

John Goodale was a wealthy chandler (a maker and seller of goods including maybe ale?) Who resided, from about 1613 until his death in 1625, in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, the famous port of herring fishery. His will, dated 25 June 1625, was proved 24 September 1625 by Elizabeth (Parlett Taylor) Goodale, executrix with power reserved to John Goodale, the son, executor. John Goodale by his first wife , Bridgett Portler, had seven children, i.e., three sons and four daughters. These children were all baptized in Downham, Norfolk. The first child was Frances bapt 28 January 1590 and died 03 August 1652 at Hemsby, Norfolk. Feances married William Marsten of Martham, Norfolk. She with her husband and three children, i.e., John, Mary, and Elizabeth are all spoken of in John Goodale’s will. The second child, Ellen, was bapt 28 April 1591 and died prior to 1625 and as such is not mentioned in John’s will. The third child, John the Younger, was bapt 10 March 1593 and was buried at Downham on 31 May 1593. The fourth child, Richard, was bapt 29 July 1593 to come. The fifth child, Thomas was bapt 24 November 1596 and was buried at Downham on 10 December 1596. Child six was Rebecca who was bapt. 02 July 1598 and married, in Yarmouth on 21 June 1626, widower Walier Moorefleete; Rebecca is mentioned in John’s will. Child seven, Elizabeth, was bapt in 1601? and was buried 02 January 1603 at Downham.

John Goodale had nine children by his second wife, Elizabeth Parlett Taylor Goodale, i.e., six sons and three daughters.. The first two children, by his second wife were baptized at Downham with the remaining seven being baptized at Yarmouth, Norfolk. Sons John bp 11 November 1610, Christopher bapt. 17 December 1611, Joseph bapt. 15 April 1618, and Mordechaus bapt 11 October 1620 are all mentioned in John’s will. Sons Thomas bapt 29 March 1616 and Benjamin, a twin of Mordechaus, bapt 11 October died prior to 1625. Daughter Elizabeth, bapt 05 June 1614 emigrated to New England where she married, in Newbury,Ma. in 1641, Frank Lowle. Daughter Mary was bapt 12 February 1643 and died 20 Auguat 1625; both Elizabeth and Mary are menti0oned in John’s will. Finally, there was Hester who was bapt 15 April 1618, a twin of Joseph above, died prior to 1625.

Elizabeth Parlett Taylor Goodale, John’s second wife, emigrated, with her daughter Elizabeth, bapt in 1614, to Newbury, Ma. where she died on 08 April 1647. She, with her two Taylor children, i.e., Peter and Susan, are mentioned in John Goodale’s will.

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Richard Goodale, the fourth child and second son of John and Bridgett Portler Goodale, was bapt 29 July 1594 at Downham, Norfolk and dies at Salisbury, Ma. on 16 September 1666 with his will being proved on 09 October 1666. Richard Goodale married, ca 1615 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Doeorthy Whitrends/Whitends?? who was born ca 159x , probably at Downham and died 29 January 1665 at Salisbury, Ma. The source of Dorothy’s surname is the Second Boat V1 #1pg.22. Five other primary source material re the Goodale Family do not speak of the name “Whitrends/Whitends”. At the time that John Goodale, Richard’s father, made his will in 1625, the whereabouts of son Richard was unknown including the names of Richard’s two children. As such Richard’s two children are not spoken of in John’s will. Walter Goodwin Davis in his “Massachusetts and Maine Families” V2:35 suggests that Richard was in Ireland which has some validity as we know that Richard had a servant from Ireland. We do know that Richard was back in Yarmouth, Norfolk in 1637 at which time he and his stepmother, Elizabeth Parlett Taylor Goodale, were defendants in a chancery suit. By 1938, Richard Goodale had settled in Newbury, Ma. and had his wife Dorothy, his two children, i.e., Ann and Richard, and his stepmother Elizabeth Goodale with him. The time of the migration and the vessel involved are not known.

Richard Goodale, called a planter and a turner (lathe operator), soon after settling in Newbury, moved across the Merrimac river to the new town, first call Colchester, and later called Salisbury where he was an original grantee and as such received a grant of land. He was a recipient of further grants of land in 1639, 1643, and 1654. He was a member of the Norfolk County grand jury in 1652 and 1654. Tradition states that Richard was an outstanding great hunter. As noted above, he had an Irish servant by the name of Cornelius Conner.

Richard Goodale of Salisbury, Ma. made his will on 07 June 1666 which was proved on 06 October 1666. All of his goods, housings, lands, orchards, pastures, meadows-either marsh or uplands, plow lands, and any other lands or cattle be left to be equally divided between his son Richard, the younger and his daughter Allen, i.e., Ann Goodale who married William Allen. Two exceptions noted were “to his granddaughter Hubbard, a cow named Primrose and “to Cornelius Conner, formerly his servant, all of his wearing apparel, both woolens and linens”. From the inventory, it appears if Richard had let his house to Joseph Lancaster and gone to live with his daughter, Ann Goodale Allen in his last months before death. There was due to Ann’s husband, William, payment for “diet and attendance” at ten shillings a week from 03 May 1666 to 16th of September 1666. The property was divided between Richard Goodale, the Younger, and William Allen, husband of Ann Goodale Allen on 04 December 1666. As noted above, Richard and Dorothy Whitrends/Whitends Goodale had only two children, a son and a daughter. Richard Goodale, the Younger, was born about 1616 at Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eg. and died in 1676 at Middleton, Connecticut. He married, ca 1640 at Salisbury, Ma., Mary (–) who died on 31 May 1683 at Salisbury, Ma. Daughter Ann Goodale to come.

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Ann Goodale, the daughter of Richard and Dorothy Whitrends/Whitends?? Goodale, was born ca 1618 at Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eg an died on 31 May 1678 at Salisbury, Ma. She married, in 1638+/- at Salisbury, Ma., William Allen who was born ca 161x at Sandwich, Kent, Eg and died on 18 June 1686 at Salisbury, Ma. William Allen married, as his second wife, after 1678 at Salisbury, widow Alice (–) Roper Dickenson who died in 1687 at Salisbury. William Allen was the son of George and (–) Allen of Sandwich, Kent, Eg.

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